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Moonlit El Capitan
This moonlight photo of El Capitan was shot from Yosemite Valley. The full moon was just rising from the other side of the valley and some skyglow from the setting sun is in the background.
[mooncapv.jpg 512x768 57k]
512x768 57k
1024x1536 208k
A Moonlit Schoolhouse with a Daylit Schoolhouse for comparison. This abandoned church and schoolhouse is in the ghost town of Grafton, just outside of Zion National Park in SouthWest Utah. Fuji Velvia slide film was used for its excellent color even with long exposures at night (balanced reciprocity failure).
While setting up camp in the ghost town, a ghost owl was watching. Another long time exposure by moonlight.
The results of an agressive Rain Dance by several thousand people at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. It was a wonderful lightning show. Throw in some screams of joy for effect. 1471x537 89k
Some photos under a rainbow at the Burning Man festival. RobD hammering
post chase
RobD's old bike
Ronald's sculpture
Carson Valley, Nevada near Wally's Hot Springs. 640x480 43k
Try using this Cafe Tile illusion as a screen background.
A scorched Don Quixote and Sancho tilting at skeletal windmills. With apologies to Pablo Picasso.
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