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Psoriasis support and self help are the focus of this noncommercial site. Shortcuts to search all the past messages in the skin-diseases newsgroups and other research databases are collected here. Everyone is welcome to contribute to our open forums.

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The following search engines all use different rules, but most of them will return pages that match all the keywords given rather than any. Use multiple words to narrow your search. More words return fewer results. Almost all will accept the * character as a wildcard at the end of a word. Some examples are provided for the tricky combinations:

Skin-Diseases newsgroups with Google Groups (Usenet)
All Usenet newsgroups with Google Groups (formerly DejaNews)
Medical Journal Abstracts through NIH MEDLINE PubMed
NIH MESH Disease Finder and spelling check
OneLook Dictionary (medical, too)
The Merck Manual of medicine
Dermatology Online Atlas of diagnostic photos
NIH Combined Health Info Database
NIH MEDLINE Plus Health Information
NIH Sites US National Institute of Health
US Gov Info (consumer site)
US FDA for Food and Drug info
the Web with Google
the Web with AltaVista
US Patent Office full text patent database
US Trademarks
Swedish Med Info Center web catalog
The RxList of prescription drug data
Doctor's Guide News
World Health Organization (drug alerts)
the British Medical Journal full text archives
the New England Journal of Medicine (free full text of old articles only)
JAMA Journals of the AMA (few public full text articles)
Disease-Specific Searches:

Dave's Psoriasis Info - treatment reviews.
Ed Dewke's Psoriasis Articles -
the National Psoriasis Foundation site - Psoriasis.ORG

Disclaimer: (for the AMA) There is absolutely no intent to imply that this site is approved by any of the organizations that are featured here. The search engine shortcuts are provided as a convenience because they are useful. Any link considered by its owner to be inappropriate will be removed by request (no requests so far). Note that any health information found on the net should be viewed with a critical eye and common sense. Some uncensored postings in the open Usenet newsgroups are quite offensive. Filter accordingly. This is a lay volunteer site run as a self-help resource. Rather than trumpeting any site awards, here is an unfiltered selection of reviews and references from other sites. Please, help yourself.

I maintain this site only for the satisfaction of helping others to help themselves.

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